iPhone Spy App: Monitor All iPhone Activities Easily

Get accurate results in real-time related to the target iPhone with Yeespy spy app.

  • Enable Yeespy Without Installing Any Software on the iPhone. 100% Undetectable
  • Use All Features Without Jailbreaking the iOS Device.
  • Spy on Social App Texts and Media Files
  • Keep Track of iPhone Location in Real-Time

iPhone Features

Yeespy can monitor and track activities on 30+ social media and popular apps that run on the target iPhone.

3 Simple Steps To Do iPhone Tracking

For iPhone spying, there is no need to install any app or software on the iOS device. The entire setup can be completed remotely within a few minutes with Yeespy.

Step 1


Sign up for free using an email address and choose iPhone as the target device.

Step 2

Set Up Using iCloud Account

Enter the user’s iCloud credentials to verify the iPhone, setting up Yeespy.

Step 3

Monitor the iPhone Remotely

Open the online dashboard to view all iPhone messages, call logs, and social media activities remotely, without them knowing.

Track Without Accessing the Target iPhone

It is getting increasingly difficult for parents to keep tabs on their children. Moreover, a slight inquiry related to this topic can cause trust issues. So, using Yeespy, parents can monitor their child’s iPhone activities without ever touching the device.

Once the spy app is enabled on the iPhone, parents can track all data via an online control panel using any device. This way the child won’t detect the tracker or suspect anything.

Monitor the iPhone Without Installing Software

It is a hassle enabling a spy app on the target iPhone. However, it isn’t the case with Yeespy. You do not need to install any software on the device to track the activities performed on it.

Simply provide the iCloud credentials used on the iPhone to verify it and start tracking it remotely without anyone knowing. It is that simple!

Why Choose Yeespy?

Yeespy allows you to privately monitor an iPhone without the other person knowing. The installation process is simple and data is updated in real time on the remote dashboard.

Track Without Target Phone

Use an online dashboard to monitor the iPhone without ever manually accessing it.

Track Without Installing Software

No need to install any software or app to track the iOS device. Just provide the iCloud account details and you’re set.

No Need to Jailbreak

Spy on every social app installed on the iPhone, and there is no requirement to jailbreak the device.

Real-Time Online Monitoring

Get results on the control panel as they occur on the iPhone in real-time.

Support the Popular Data Types

From videos to images, and text messages, Yeespy supports most data types.

Compatible With All iOS Devices

Yeespy runs on all active iPhone devices and the platform is regularly updated to keep up with modern standards.

Data Secure

Yeespy is completely safe, as all data presented on the control panel is accessible to the user only.

7/24 Customer Support

Our customer support is open to users at every hour of the day. No matter what the issue is, our staff is ready to assist.

Yeespy - Effective Spy App For Its Customers

Yeespy is the most powerful and easiest solution for parents and employers to monitor iPhone data in real time.

Here how the app's user affirm the notion.

Helped Me Stop Cyberbullying

My son turned 14, and it was becoming challenging to keep up with his daily routine. He stopped sharing what was happening in his life, and I had no way of finding out, until I found out about Yeespy through an ad. I learned about the bullying he was suffering in his new high school. We talked about it and now everything is going fine.


I Disabled Different Apps and URLs

Running a startup is already a challenge, but when your employees do not perform their task in time, it can turn into a disaster. After learning about Yeespy from a friend, I installed it on the office phones. Now, I can easily know which employee is staying true to their job and which one isn’t, and also I restricted some unproductive apps on those devices.


I Can Keep an Eye on My Children

As a single father, I am working two jobs, which made it impossible for me to know what my children were up to. After installing Yeespy on their phones, I can rest easy, knowing their location all the time.

Los Angeles

Yeespy - The Only Reliable Option For Phone Monitoring

Check children’s location, view their entire chat history across SMS and social apps and block inappropriate applications remotely while remaining undetected. No root or jailbreak is required.

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