Android Spying App: Track Messages and Location In Real-Time

Use Yeespy's powerful features to learn what the user is doing on their Android phone.

  • Shows GPS Locations With Complete Accuracy
  • Tracks Calls and Messages in Real Time
  • Completely Undetectable. Works Under Hidden Mode
  • Monitor All Popular Social Apps Without Rooting the Android Phone

Android Features

Whether you aim to check your loved one’s location or wish to access their chat history to ensure their safety, Yeespy offers the means to track everything. The app can track more than 30 social and Android-based apps undetected.

3 Easy Steps To Track Android Device

Once you install the Yeespy app on an Android device, it will remain undetected by the owner thanks to the advanced Hidden Mode, while still providing all activity details.

Step 1

Register for Free

Enter your email address to create a new account for free. Next, select Android as the platform you want to spy on remotely.

Step 2

Install and Set Up the Yeespy Android App

Apply the instructions onscreen to install the Yeespy app on the Android phone or tab.

Step 3

Track the Android Device Online

Access the online control panel, and open any features, such as location, call tracker, WhatsApp spy, and more, to perform remote monitoring.

Works In Hidden Mode

Very few people understand that while tracking their child’s Android phone if they ever find out about the tracking, it can cause trust issues and dent in the relationship.

This is not an issue with Yeespy because we have a “hidden mode,” which helps protect your kid from knowing a spy app is enabled on their device.

The app is undetectable as it takes minimal storage space and does not drain the battery. Now, you can silently ensure your kid’s safety.

Supports The Popular Data Types

How can you observe your loved one’s safety when so much data is consumed in the form of texts, photos, videos, documents, and audio. It is tough, especially for a user with limited technical know-how.

Well, with Yeespy, you can rest easy. Not only does the app support most data types, but presents the information in one place. Just use the control panel and view the files saved on the Android device.

Track Android Phone Files From Anywhere

Yeespy’s online dashboard is accessible from any device, no matter where you are located. Simply sign in using your account, and you are good to go.

Every data is available for you to see, from keywords to browser history and all the media files exchanged on the social apps. Moreover, you can even export the files to your device.















Facebook Messenger

Facebook Lite



Powerful and High-Quality Parental Control Features

Cyberbullying is the number one cause of concern for most parents. It is tough to determine whether their child is being cyberbullied or not. Plus, parents can’t bring up the topic in front of their children, as it can do more harm than good.

However, with Yeespy’s parental control features, one can find out how safe their child is feeling. The top functions include text message tracking, social media monitoring, GPS location, and checking the browser history. Also, parents can block specific apps and URLs from the device without ever touching it.

Why Choose Yeespy?

Installing the Yeespy app on an Android device takes just minutes and is suitable for users of all backgrounds. Enable Yeespy for phone monitoring today!

Support the Popular Data Types

Yeespy presents every type of data, including videos, images, documents, and texts.

Advanced Android Keylogger

Track sensitive, and most-used words exchanged on the Android phone.

No Requirement for Rooting

There is absolutely no need to root the Android phone to utilize its features. Everything is instantly available once the app is enabled.

Real-Time Online Monitoring

There's no need to worry about the data in your control panel because it will update in real-time and make sure you have the latest information.

Supports All Android Devices

Yeespy is 100% compatible with Android devices. It is constantly updated to work on any new Android versions as they are released.

Trusted By Millions

It has satisfied clients from all over the globe, offering a complete parental control experience.

Data is Secure

Yeespy is 100% safe. It will not interfere with the target device in any way, allowing you to use it as you normally would. Furthermore, it is very accurate and fast, giving you the real-time tracking information for your device.

7/24 Customer Support

The customer support service is accessible at all times, offering the best technical solution to your spy app-related issue.

Yeespy - Effective Spy App For Its Customers

Yeespy leaves its customer content with its features.

Some reviews are as follows:

Blocked All Unproductive Apps Without Any Effort

To increase my employees’ productivity, I wanted to block social media apps like YouTube and Facebook from the company phones. However, finding a cost-effective and powerful service was difficult until my friend recommended Yeespy to me. Now, I can block any app that causes distraction remotely.


I Feel Safer For My Children

With the assistance of Yeespy, I can instantly check my daughter’s location. This way, I know at all times how far from home she is. Also, setting up safe zones for her helps a lot.


Access to Data in Real-Time

From my browser history to text messages, I can keep track of everything on my Android phone without touching it, thanks to Yeespy. This one presents data in real-time, which is just exciting.

Kansas City

Yeespy - The Only Reliable Option For Phone Monitoring

Check children’s location, view their entire chat history across SMS and social apps and block inappropriate applications remotely while remaining undetected. No root or jailbreak is required.

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