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Managing various apps on a smartphone enables a person to cheat on their spouse or partner with quite an ease.

These specific cheating apps are often hard to detect, even if you are checking your partner’s phone yourself.

So, how can one distinguish these apps? Plus, how do you monitor the other person’s activity through such services?

You’ll understand the answer to all these queries in this article.

So, continue reading!

 Cheating Apps

Part 1: 7 Most Popular Cheating Apps

Currently, there are countless apps for cheating wife and husband accessible on every type of smartphone. However, few are popular and offer measures to keep their infidelity private.

We have listed those cheating apps here:

1. Snapchat

Snapchat is arguably one of the most popular social apps. Moreover, it might surprise you, but this platform is considered the go-to service to cheat on a spouse without getting caught.

The main reason is that it allows cheaters to send messages, pics, and videos that get erased once the receiver reads them. This specific feature makes it difficult to have any proof of the exchanges.

As such, Snapchat provides a secure way for cheaters to communicate without fear of accountability.

 Snapchat cheating app

2. Instagram

Instagram is widely considered a cheating wife app, as this picture-sharing social platform is quite prevalent among ladies.

Why is it popular?

Well, it offers unique advantages to sending disappearing messages via DM, particularly for those engaging in extramarital affairs.

Moreover, the app provides a reliable cover for clandestine activities, and it’s not uncommon to find cheaters using Instagram to connect with potential new romantic partners.

 Instagram cheating app

3. Tinder

This cheating app is not as covert as the ones mentioned above but highly effective for finding new lovers.

Tinder enables the cheating spouse to interact with someone in close proximity. Moreover, if you cannot access your partner’s phone, it could be tough to learn that they have installed this dating app to cheat on you.

 Tinder cheating app

4. Lovoo

The Lovoo app is widely used by those seeking romantic connections. This app works similarly to Instagram, enabling users to view each other’s uploaded photos and “like” them.

Users can identify possible connections near their current location through the radar feature.

To develop deeper relationships with those nearby, users can chat one-on-one to build rapport and assess whether someone is a suitable match.

 Lovoo cheating app

5. WhatsApp

Perhaps every smartphone user has WhatsApp installed on their device.

One of its main advantages is its end-to-end encryption, which ensures that data transferred through it, such as texts, pictures, audio, or video, can’t be accessed without physical access to the phone itself.

So, this means that while it may seem like a good option for those looking to engage in activities like cheating they’d rather keep secret, there’s always a chance that someone else may have access to the device.

 WhatsApp cheating app

6. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger doesn’t get the spotlight as much as the other messaging app. Still, after a few recent updates, it is considered a useful service for cheaters to commit their acts privately.

With just a password-protected account, you can use the ‘Secret Chats’ feature for private conversations that are automatically deleted after being read.

Talk about an effortless way to keep things on the down low! Moreover, sending messages from your phone and keeping those conversations ultra-confidential is now easier.

However, this cheating app is easily hackable, especially if you know your partner’s Facebook password!

 Facebook Messenger cheating app

7. iMessage

iMessage is a service for Apple users offering end-to-end encryption for secure conversations.

The primary benefit is that conversations can happen across multiple platforms - iPads, iPhones and Mac computers. This makes cheating quite convenient!

 iMessage cheating app

Part 2: What is The Best App to Catch a Cheating Spouse?

So how could one find a cheating spouse app on the target phone? Well, keep reading this section to learn the best solution!

2.1 The Standard of The Best App to Catch a Cheating Spouse

It is complicated for anyone to randomly pick up the spouse’s phone and check whether they are cheating on you using the abovementioned apps.

However, catching the partner in the act becomes easy if one gets assistance from a dedicated phone spy.

Still, the monitoring app should be compatible with the target phone, easy to install and allow the user to check all cheating activities remotely without anyone knowing.

Moreover, the app should offer all the advanced features, such as viewing social app chats without rooting or jailbreaking the other person’s phone.

2.2 The Best App to Catch a Cheating Spouse (most recommended)

Now that you know the standards of the best app to find out if someone is cheating, you might wonder which offers an all-in-one solution for you?

Well, we recommend Yeespy, an intuitive phone spy app compatible with all modern-day Android and iOS devices.

Plus, it merely takes a few minutes to install. Moreover, it doesn’t require you to root or jailbreak the cheating spouse’s phone.

Furthermore, the information exchanged on the target device is updated in real-time, allowing you to collect evidence against the cheater hassle-free.

Key Features of Yeespy

So, what features accessible with Yeespy can you use to catch a cheater? Check out the list below:

  • Social App Monitoring

Yeespy lets you view the entire chat history on the target user’s social media accounts, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and more.

Even if the texts have been deleted, you can easily access them through the online dashboard.

  • View Live Location

Using the GPS Locations function, you can check what place your spouse is visiting at that current time. You can text them and ask where they are; if they lie about it, it proves they are cheating on you.

  • Read iMessage and SMS History

You can easily access your partner’s chat history via text or iMessage, depending on the phone they use, using Yeespy. Even the media files exchanged through these conversations are accessible.

How to Use Yeespy App to See If Someone is Cheating

Here’s how you can install or enable Yeespy on your spouse’s phone:

Find out If Someone is Cheating on Android Phone

Sign Up Free View Demo

Step 1: Create a Yeespy Account

Enter your email address and set up a new Yeespy account.

Step 2: Install the App

Install the Yeespy app on the spouse’s Android device by following the onscreen instructions.

Step 3: Check the Cheating Apps

Open the control panel, and click on the Installed Apps option. There, you can view if the cheating apps are installed or not.

Plus, you can access the Social Networks section to read texts on the popular social media apps used for cheating.

Find out If Someone is Cheating on iPhone

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Step 1: Create a New Yeespy account

First, sign up on Yeespy for free using your email address.

Step 2: Share the iCloud Credentials

Enter your spouse/partner’s iCloud account info to verify the iOS device.

Step 3: Review the Cheating Apps

Open the online dashboard, and click on the Installed Apps. Now, you can see the cheating apps enabled on the iPhone.

Similarly, head over to the Social Networks tab, and click on any social app to view their entire chat history.

What Else Can Yeespy Do?

Yeespy offers a comprehensive assortment of features and capabilities, permitting users to track their target phone’s call logs, calendar events, media gallery, browser activity and more.

Yeespy offers the option to save media files on the target phone, enabling you to collect ample evidence against the cheater.

Sign Up Free View Demo

Part 3: 4 Other Alternative Apps to Catch Cheating Spouses

If you want more than one option to spot a cheating spouse, then check out the following alternatives to view cheating apps:

3.1 SpyBubble

SpyBubble is a handy monitoring app to view the other user’s location in real-time. It can also display the chat records stored on the cheating wife or husband’s phone.

Also, it works on pretty much every iPhone and Android device.

 SpyBubble app


  • Excellent customer support
  • Easy to install


  • Keylogger is not available
  • The control panel glitches sometimes

3.2 Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch provides a comprehensive spying solution and is the perfect tool for tracking a partner suspected of being adulterous.

By working under the hidden mode, it allows users to monitor messages, live locations, call logs, and social app chat updates with ease.

 Hoverwatch app


  • Free trial
  • Reliable
  • Works on Android and iPhone


  • Needs you to root and jailbreak the target phone
  • Customer support could be better

3.3 Spyera

With Spyera, you can record calls by accessing the target device’s mic undetected. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Moreover, it offers all the handy features to collect proof against your cheating partner.

 Spyera app


  • Easy to install
  • Doesn’t require rooting or jailbreak


  • Features are inconsistent for Android and iOS tracking
  • Costly

3.4 uMobix

With this app, you can view all the cheating apps and block them remotely on your partner’s phone. Besides, you can access the media files and monitor calls in real-time.

 uMobix spy app


  • Data gets updated regularly


  • You can only monitor one device at a time
  • Expensive

Part 4: FAQs on Cheating

Read this FAQ section to understand more tips on how to find a cheating spouse app:

4.1 What is the Signal app used for cheating?

The Signal app is a secure alternative to apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Nowadays, people who intend to cheat on their partners are shifting to use this platform to fulfill their purpose.

4.2 Is a private share app used for cheating?

Using a private sharing app, cheaters can send intimate photos to another person, which remain undetected from their partner or spouse.


So these are the cheating apps people use to become unfaithful to their partners.

Earlier, it was harder for anyone to access the contents of these apps and gather proof of cheating. However, thanks to cheater finder apps like Yeespy, it is now easier to learn the truth.

We hope you find this guide useful!

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