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Some people become very conscious regarding their browsing and never want others to have access to it. Such people always have a pinching question “can private browsing be traced on iPhone”. Let's just talk about the private mode iPhone.

private browsing mode

To all iPhone users, private browsing is available to give the next level of privacy in their browsing history. This can hide your password, visited sites, search results, or everything on your browser.

The website will not save your cookies hence no chance of tracing. There are some tracking tools and procedures that provide you with the entire track record of your private browsing.

Part 1: Can I Be Tracked If I Use Private Browsing on iPhone?

It is important to mention that private browsing is secret only in the context of an iPhone. But when it touches an area beyond it then a person can easily trace a private search iPhone. You can use a phone tracker and easily track private browsing without any restrictions.

Similarly, the specific website will have your data even if you visited it with the private browsing mode on iPhone. Along with this, the Wi-Fi network will also look at your working online. Sometimes your connection with a website can also be tracked with ISP.

Part 2: 4 Ways How to View Private Browsing History on iPhone

If you are using private browsing mode Safari and thinking that nobody can track your work then it is not true. There are multiple ways available in the online market through which you can easily track working just like you turn off private browsing Safari iPad. Let's look here:

2.1 Use A Professional iPhone Private Browsing History Tracker

You can easily track private browsing Safari iPad with the help of an amazing professional tracker name Yeespy. It works amazingly and gives you complete detail about the work of the target person. You just need to follow a simple procedure to use this tool.

You can enjoy a free trial of this tool at first to track Safari private mode. Not only this, you can get all the services at an affordable rate. Yeespy gives security to your personal information hence nobody would ever know about your tracking.

2.1.1 Key Features of Yeespy iPhone Private Browsing History Tracker

Now you don't need to learn how to get out of private browsing mode on iPhone, rather Yeespy gives you tracking functionalities with it. Let's have a look at the key features provided by this platform:

  • Real-Time Working: Now you can get all the information regarding the browsing history of your target person on an immediate basis through Yeespy.
  • Keylogger: Yeespyprovides you with all the details including a single click on the screen so that private browsing can be tracked more easily.
  • GPS Tracking: If you want to track the current location of the target person along with the browsing history then Yeespy will also be entertaining it.
  • Web Blocking: You can directly block a specific website for your children through Yeespy without their permission.
  • Without Root/Jailbreaking: Now Yeespy gives you tracking of the private browser Safari without any restriction of rooting or jailbreaking.
  • 2.1.2 How Can I See What Has Been Viewed in Private Browsing on iPhone?

Yeespy contains a straightforward procedure through which you can easily view browsing history along with private searching mode. You need to follow this procedure for iOS devices:

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Step 1: Create An Account

First, you need to create your official account on Yeespy.

Step 2: Set Up

You need to provide iCloud credentials to set up your official account and select “Continue”.

Step 3: Start Tracking Private Browser History

Open up the official dashboard of Yeespy and start tracking the Safari private browsing history.

2.1.3 Why Choose Yeespy as The Best iPhone Private Browsing History Tracker?

If you are still confused about Yeespy learn how to view private browsing history on iPhone. Then we have some of the most amazing features of Yeespy which make it one of the best tracker of private mode iOS 15:

  • Yeespy gives you 42 different types of tracking facilities at one interface.
  • Now you can check the entire browsing history without any fear. Yeespy is one of the most reliable platforms for giving security to its users.
  • You can trace the real-time working of the other person on the browser without any delay.
  • You have the opportunity to enjoy 24/7 customer service without any restrictions from the officials.
  • Now you can track the entire private browsing iOS 15/16 in stealth mode and nobody even notices you're working.

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2.2 Use SQLite

If you want to learn how to view private browsing history on iPhone, then the SQLite method is the best one for you. In this method, different URLs that you have visited and stored in the database will appear. You just need to follow this procedure:

Step 1: Open up the "Finder” option and go towards the "menu". Tap on the "options" and then click the "library" option.

Step 2: In the Safari folder, select and then drag the file name "webpageIcons. DB" in the SQLite browser.

Step 3: Select the tab of "browse data" hence you can see all the URLs that are present in the browsing history.

check private browser

While using this tool it is always encouraged to be very careful as sometimes hackers inject malware through it. It can cause great devastation if not handled carefully.

2.3 Use Keylogger Software

A keylogger is a tool that records even a single touch on the screen. With the help of keylogger software, you can easily learn how to get to the private browser iOS 15. You need to install keylogger software on your iOS device and this will tell you all the workings automatically.

You can use Yeespy as a keylogger software hence it tells you each detail. Yeespy keeps on working in the background so that the target person will never know about it. The complete procedure to use Yeespy is written above.

2.4 Use Website Data

A simple procedure that will tell you how to get to a private browser is the website data. In an iPhone, there is a file name with website data that contains all of our workings and hence can be trapped with it. You just need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Head towards "settings" and then select the "Safari" option.

Step 2: Choose an "Advanced" option which will lead you to the option of "website data".

Step 3: After that, you can see all the websites that were once visited if you want to see more then select "show all".

Safari private browsing check

This procedure gives you access to very limited information and you cannot use it to know the entire browser history.

Part 3: How to Avoid Being Tracked on iPhone Private Browsing

If you want to protect yourself while using Safari private browsing iPhone then we have a list of options for you. You just need to follow the given instructions and can protect yourself easily:

  • Avoid Using Real ID
  • If you need to use your real account while on Safari private browsing mode then use that account that does not contain sensitive data. Using an important account becomes the cause of great damage hence you can be easily tracked.

  • Avoid Providing Sensitive Data
  • If you are providing your photos, name, or anything sensitive online then anyone can track you even with private browsing. You need to be conscious to protect yourself from tracking through private browsing history.

  • Disable All The Extensions
  • Extensions can become the cause of tracking hence it is always encouraged to disable all while using private mode. An extension can lead your private search history to your social media or email addresses.

  • Updating Your System
  • Updating your software will help you safely search in private mode. New versions come up with better privacy policies and a strong wall against tracking. You can get updated on iOS 15 to enjoy better working.

  • Checking About Malware
  • If you doubt that your device is being hacked or malware is present in your device then you can easily get tracked. If you want to keep your history of search private mode to remain safe and sound then removing the malware must be a priority.

Part 4: Other Tips You Can't Miss about iPhone Browsing History

If you want to view private browsing history on iPhone then we have a list of tips for you. Just go through the details and get yourself benefited:

view private browsing history

4.1 How to enable private browsing on iPhone?

The procedure that will let you know how to make Safari private is written below:

  • Open up Safari and select the "tabs" option.
  • Click on the "start page" and choose the "private" option.

4.2 How do I delete private browsing history on iPhone?

If you want to learn the process to remove private browsing iPhone history then the procedure is here:

  • Go towards "settings" and select the "Safari" option.
  • Open up the option of "clear history and website data".

4.3 How to get out of private browsing mode on iPhone?

If you want to know the procedure to get out of private browsing mode then we have a procedure for you:

  • Open up Safari and head towards the "tabs" option.
  • Tap on the "Private" option to turn it off.

4.4 How to block private browsing on iPhone?

If you want to learn the procedure of how to take off private browsing mode then follow this procedure:

  • Head towards "settings" and select the "screen time" option.
  • Choose "content and privacy restrictions" and then set a passcode for blocking.

Part 5: FAQs on iPhone Private Browsing

Sometimes different queries regarding private searching Safari keep on pinching in our minds. To give you relaxation, we have answered all the common questions here:

5.1 Is Private Browsing on an iPhone Really Private?

If you are having a query, is private browsing really private? The answer is very simple: private browsing would be quite private in the context of the iPhone. On the other hand, besides it, you can easily track your browsing history without any restrictions.

5.2 Does Safari remove Private tabs after closing?

If you turn on private browsing Safari then after closing the private tab on your iOS device Safari will remove it. On the other hand, if you have enabled the reopen tabs option then you can easily reopen it even if in private mode.

5.3 What does iPhone private browsing hide?

After turning on private browsing Safari, you can have a completely private working. Safari stops saving your information along with the history of visiting different websites. In private browsing, your search history, auto-fill information, and the page you visited will be hidden.

5.4 What Doesn't iPhone private browsing keep private?

In the iPhone private browsing, all the working of a user would be under strict security. If you think Is private browsing mode really private? Then yes, iPhone private browsing gives security to your history, search, and other details.


Sometimes people become very conscious regarding their working on browsers. Safari has introduced its Safari private browsing history that claims to give complete privacy to your working. Still, we think the answer to the question “can private browsing be traced on iPhone” is yes. In the above article, we have given you a detailed answer.

Now you can track everything but you need to have access to the desired tools and know the procedures. The above article will provide you with all the details regarding the tracking of private browsing on iOS devices.

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