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Discover the secrets to discreetly monitoring a cell phone without software installation. Whether it’s for parenting concerns, employee supervision, or relationship trust, the desire to spy on someone’s phone can be intense.

However, it’s important to approach the situation objectively. In this article, learn how to spy on someone’s phone without them knowing for free.

Read on!

How to spy on someone’s phone

Q: Is There a Way to Spy on Someone’s Phone Without Them Knowing for Free?

From enabling built-in location-based applications to installing third-party tracking services, it is possible to spy on someone else’s phone without arousing suspicion.

However, some solutions other than the spy apps are a bit more complex than others, leading to users with limited technical skills getting caught.

Part 1: 5 Spy Apps to Spy on Someone’s Phone without Them Knowing for Free

Phone monitoring apps let you understand how to spy on someone without them knowing in a much more comprehensive, simple, and fast way.

So, which spy app should you enable to track another user’s Android or iOS activities?

Well, check out the list of the 5 apps that will help you spy on other people’s phones quickly!

1.1 The Best Spy App to Spy on Someone’s Phone without Them Knowing for Free

Looking for a reliable solution to monitor the phone activities of a target user? Consider Yeespy, a cutting-edge phone tracking tool designed for remote monitoring. Yeespy offers a comprehensive view of the target user’s phone activities, including chats, call logs and social media accounts.

The tool operates discreetly and provides accurate information, making it a valuable asset for parents, employers, and those seeking to maintain trust in their relationships.

So, if you’re looking for a professional and effective solution to monitor a target phone, Yeespy is the answer.

Key Features of the Yeespy Phone Spy App

Using this location tracker, you can view the following:

  • Complete address of the places the user has visited
  • Set geo-fencing zones and alerts
  • Check the live location in real-time via map view

How to Spy on Someone’s Phone without Them Knowing?

Continue reading to learn how to install or enable the Yeespy service on the target iOS/Android device:

Spy on Someone’s iPhone

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Step 1: Register

Go to the official website and create a new account by clicking the “Sign Up Free” button and entering your email address.

Step 2: Provide iCloud Information

Enter the target user’s iCloud credentials to verify their profile and device.

Step 3: Monitor Privately

Access the online control panel, and tap the GPS Locations option to view the whereabouts.

Spy on Someone’s Android Phone

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Step 1: Sign Up

Visit the official website and set up a new account by clicking the “Sign Up Free” tab and providing your email address.

Step 2: Install the Monitoring App

Follow the instructions in your account to install the Yeespy app on the target Android device.

Step 3: Monitor Privately

Access the online control panel and use the top features, such as GPS Location, Social Spy, and more.

What Else Can Yeespy Do?

Besides tracking the live location of the target iOS and Android device, the Yeespy monitoring app can easily let you:

  • Access the browsing history
  • A look into the social media chats
  • A view of the installed apps and the option to block them remotely

Why Choose Yeespy as The Best Phone Spy App?

A spy app should be easy to use, offer budget-friendly pricing plans, and have responsive customer support!

Well, Yeespy has got it all, as this intuitive platform takes the user experience to the next level. You can secretly track the device and view any intended information without rooting or jailbreaking the target phone.

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1.2 4 Other Alternative Spy Apps to Spy on Someone’s Phone Without Them Knowing for Free

Looking for more options to learn how to spy on another phone? We’ve got you covered!

Check out the following 4 spy apps:


Hoverwatch app

An excellent and well-known spy app for parents that provides constant updates on the target phone user’s activities and whereabouts.

With the ability to monitor multiple devices with a single account, Hoverwatch is a comprehensive solution for monitoring your children.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Popular


  • Geo-restricted


Mobistealth app

A spy app that provides a comprehensive view of both smartphone and computer activities. This app offers basic features such as SMS, call, GPS tracking and advanced features like keystroke logging.

Its Android-exclusive surround recording feature lets you record the target phone’s surrounding noises.


  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Live Demo


  • Some functions are limited to Android devices only

Mobile Tracker

Mobile Tracker

An app for both iOS and Android that provides many of the same features as paid competitors. With Mobile Tracker, you can monitor calls, text messages, and Facebook and WhatsApp activity.


  • Totally hidden


  • Does not support Instagram and Snapchat tracking
  • Outdated control panel interface


 An app that allows you to remotely access the target phone’s screen, listen via its microphone, activate the phone’s camera in emergency situations, and manage apps.

With Minspy, you have complete control and monitoring capabilities over the target phone.


  • Easy to use
  • Fast installation


  • Pricey
  • Sluggish customer support response

Part 2: When Should You Spy on Someone’s Phone without Them Knowing?

It is understandable that some people may consider spying on a phone without the owner’s consent troublesome.

However, some circumstances leave no other choice but for the user to track another person’s cell. We have highlighted those here:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Spying on the child’s phone using a spy app can be a useful tool in helping to prevent cyberbullying. These apps can help monitor a kid’s online activity, block inappropriate websites, and set other restrictions.

  • Catch a Cheater
  • If you suspect your partner is being unfaithful to you, then it is vital to remain calm at first and look for ways to gather evidence against them. Tracking their phone can help you find proof of infidelity.

    Try using apps like Yeespy to check their messages, social app exchanges, call log, and live location. Once you have enough dirt on them, then do the confronting.

Part 3: How to Tell If Someone Is Spying on Your Phone?

If your phone is consuming too much battery, and if it is a newly purchased device, then a specific hidden app is doing that. It could be a spy app enabled on your smartphone. Moreover, keep an eye on your phone’s data usage, as spyware can consume a significant amount of data.

Spammy apps generally create pop-ups. If you see unwanted ads and notifications, then there is a chance that malware is enabled on your phone, which may be used for spying without you knowing.

Part 4: How to Stop Someone from Spying on My Phone?

There is nothing more vital than updating the firmware of the phone and the apps installed to the latest version.

If you keep on using an outdated version of the OS and apps, then the hacker can find a loophole and enable various methods to spy on your cell phone activities without you knowing.

Also, use a strong password! Encrypting your phone data can make it more difficult for spyware to access sensitive information.

Most apps require you to permit them to use the device location. We recommend checking the app permissions on your phone and disabling any you don’t need. This can help prevent spyware from accessing sensitive information.

Lastly, we recommend factory resetting the device. This way, you can disable all spy apps on the phone!


In conclusion, you do not require any complex technical skill to learn how to spy on someone’s phone without them knowing for free.

Just select any of the five spy apps listed in this article, and start monitoring the devices of your loved ones.

However, for an anonymous, cost-effective, and compact phone tracking experience, we suggest opting for Yeespy. It covers all ends and offers high-end security that only makes the data presented on the dashboard for your eyes!

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