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Cheaters still use cell phones to commit infidelity against their partners. So, checking their phone should be your number one priority if you are suspicious!

But how to spy on your spouse’s phone without them knowing?

Well, follow this article, as we’ll discuss whether it is possible in the first place and, if yes, which method lets you catch a cheating spouse undetected!

How to spy on your spouse’s phone

Q 1: Is It Possible to Spy on Your Spouse’s Phone without Them Knowing?

So, are you curious about what your spouse is doing on their phone?

It is now possible to spy on a spouse’s cell phone.


Well, there are various third-party applications available that allow you to monitor the activities of your spouse’s phone.

In addition to that, many smartphones come with official tools that you can use to track their activities.

Some of these tools and apps even promise to provide the information without leaving a trace, ensuring your spying efforts remain undetected.

Q 2: Why Do You Need to Spy on Your Spouse without Them Knowing?

The first and foremost reason to track the spouse’s phone is to find out whether they have been unfaithful in the relationship! Learning that they have exchanged intimate texts with someone or have been using dating apps like Tinder to find matches.

In addition, if your partner or spouse tends to lie about their whereabouts or has been unfaithful in the past, tracking their location can help you confirm they are where they say they are.

Besides, there are several positive reasons to spy on a spouse’s cell phone!

If your spouse travels alone or in an unacquainted area, keeping track of their location can give you peace of mind knowing they are safe. And, if something goes wrong, you can do whatever’s necessary to ensure everything remains alright.

These are just a few reasons you may need to track your spouse’s location. Doing so lets you have peace of mind and stay informed about their safety and well-being.

Part 1: 5 Apps for Spying on Your Spouse

Here’s a curated selection of spouse spy apps along with their widely known features, advantages, and drawbacks.

1.1 The Best Spy App for Spying on Your Spouse’s Phone Without Them Knowing

Keep an eye on your spouse without arousing suspicion with the Yeespy app. This convenient tool is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, allowing for easy tracking on a wide range of devices.

Best of all, there’s no need for complicated rooting or jailbreaking procedures, making it simple and hassle-free to use.

Key Features of Yeespy Phone Spy App

Start by tracking your spouse’s SMS history with Yeespy. Here, you can learn the sender and receiver’s details(name, number, image).

Also, find out when the messages were exchanged. Also, monitor the call log with Yeespy, and access the entire contact list.

How to Spy on Your Spouse’s Cell Phone for Free?

Follow these essential guidelines to spy on your spouse’s cell phone effectively:

Spy on Spouse’s iPhone

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Step 1: Create a Free Account

Sign up for a free Yeespy account using your email address.

Step 2: Verify the iPhone via iCloud

Provide your spouse’s iCloud account credentials to verify their iPhone or iPad.

Step 3: Spy on the iPhone

Through the Yeespy dashboard, access any feature to track your spouse’s online activities.

Spy on Spouse’s Android Phone

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Step 1: Set Up an Account

Create a free Yeespy account with your email address.

Step 2: Install the Dedicated App

Install the Yeespy Android app on your partner’s phone following the instructions provided.

Step 3: Monitor the Phone

The web-based control panel monitors your spouse’s location, chat history, and more.

What Else Is Yeespy Capable Of?

Discover the utility of Yeespy beyond just tracking your spouse’s texts, the app offers a range of features to keep an eye on their phone activities:

  • Location Tracking: Know where your spouse is on-the-spot!
  • Social Media Monitoring: Keep track of your partner’s social media chats with complete access to the history of the target’s social media apps.
  • Browsing History: Stay informed about the type of content your spouse views online.

Why Choose Yeespy as The Best iPhone Spy App?

There are multiple reasons why one should opt for Yeespy! We have highlighted a few key ones:

  • Easy to use
  • Top-quality customer support
  • High compatibility
  • Comprehensive features list
  • Cost-effective

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1.2 4 Other Alternative Spy Apps for Spying on Your Spouse’s Phone without Them Knowing

Looking for more alternative ways to keep tabs on your significant other’s phone activity?

Here are four phone spy apps that claim to offer an effective solution:

Highster Mobile

This app promises to provide real-time tracking of your partner’s SMS messages, call logs, and internet activity. With its user-friendly live control panel, monitoring their phone doings is as easy as navigating a visual dashboard.


Highster Mobile app


  • Easy to navigate
  • Lifetime pricing plans


  • Limited basic plan
  • Relatively new


This app provides a discreet way to monitor your spouse’s messages, social media, and photos. It also allows real-time location tracking and call monitoring, complete with access to their contact list and call durations.

Spyzzz app


  • Comprehensive features to track a spouse


  • Outdated and inflexible pricing plans
  • Geo-restricted
  • Unresponsive customer support with sluggish response time


If you’re looking for evidence of infidelity, pcTattletale may be the app for you. With its ability to record both calls and videos on the target device, this app is perfect for gathering evidence. It also offers call tracking, social media monitoring, and app usage tracking.

pcTattletale app


  • Easy to install


  • Limited to Android spying only
  • No demo mode


This app boasts a comprehensive list of features that work seamlessly on both iOS and Android devices. From intercepting phone calls to monitoring emails, FlexiSPY does it all. It also offers advanced features such as audio recording, remote device control, and geo-fencing.

FlexiSPY app


  • Real-time updates
  • Interactive control panel


  • Root/jailbreak is needed for spying

Part 2: FAQs on Spying on Cheating Spouse’s Mobile Phone

So, do you still have some additional queries on how to spy on the spouse’s phone? Well, this FAQ section may provide the necessary help.

2.1 How can I see what my spouse is doing on their phone?

By enabling spy apps, such as Yeespy, on your spouse’s phone, you can quickly see and learn what they have been up to. These apps can provide details on chat history, calls, and even the location.

2.2 What app can I use to see who my spouse is texting?

Apps like Yeespy can provide real-time updates on your spouse’s messages, including the details of who they sent the text to or from whom they received it!

2.3 Can I get a copy of my spouse’s text messages?

Using the control panel of Yeespy, you can quickly access the texts and even copy them as proof of infidelity and more!

2.4 How can I get my spouse’s text messages on my iPhone?

Access the Yeespy dashboard on your iPhone, and tap the Text Messages feature to get the chat history of your spouse.


This ends our guide on how to spy on your spouse’s phone without them knowing.

In conclusion, the use of spy apps like Yeespy can serve a valid purpose in certain situations.

Whether it be to keep tabs on the safety of your loved ones or to dispel any doubts about a partner’s behavior, these apps offer a convenient and discreet way to monitor their phone activities.

With its user-friendly interface and affordable subscription options, Yeespy provides a multitude of features to effectively monitor and track your target’s device.

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