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Whether you need to confirm your child’s safety, learn where your friends are, or confirm a suspicion about your spouse’s infidelity, learning how to track an iPhone can provide the right outcome.

So, is it possible?

We’ll explore the ins and outs of this topic in our detailed guide.

So, continue reading!

How to track an iPhone

Part 1: Can I Track The Location of an iPhone?

Yes, you can track the location of an iPhone using the official “Find My” feature built into the device.

This feature allows you to locate a lost or stolen iPhone on a map, make the phone play a sound, display a message, or remotely lock or erase the device.

Plus, third-party iPhone apps can provide much-needed assistance in this matter. So, how to manage these solutions to track the iPhone location?

Well, follow the latter half of this guide.

Part 2: The Best Way How to Track an iPhone

If you want to keep tabs on someone else’s whereabouts without them ever finding out, try Yeespy!

This stealthy application will work undetected on the target iOS or Android phone while presenting you with real-time updates on the other person’s online position.

Every data related to their location will be accessible to you on an intuitive web-based control panel.

2.1 Key Features of Yeespy iPhone Tracker

So what does the Yeespy iPhone Location Tracker have to offer?

Check out the features here:

  • Real-time mapping of the other user’s location
  • Timestamped location history
  • Address and location precision

2.2 How to Track an iPhone without Knowing?

To track iPhone location with Yeespy, there is no need to install any dedicated software or app on the device.

Simply apply the following instructions remotely to enable the phone tracker:

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Step 1: Create Yeespy Account

Start with making your Yeespy account for free by entering your valid email address.

Step 2: Verify iCloud Details

Provide the other user’s iCloud account info on your Yeespy account.

Step 3: Track the Location on iPhone

Now, access the online dashboard and click GPS Locations under the General Features section. There, you can learn the details on the spot.

2.3 What Else Can Yeespy Do?

The services of Yeespy don’t end with providing location details of the target iPhone. You can utilize the following features with this handy platform:

  • Track Social Media Chats and Media Files
  • Filter URLs and App
  • Set Geo-fencing parameters
  • View Hidden Browser History
  • Track Sensitive Keywords using the Keylogger

2.4 Why Choose Yeespy as The Best iPhone Tracker?

What makes Yeespy the standout?

Here are its unique attributes:

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Simple Interface
  • Accessible Features
  • No Requirement to Root or Jailbreak the Device
  • Complete Privacy of User Data

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Part 3: 3 Other Less Recommended Ways to Track iPhone Location

If you are still wondering how you track a family member’s iPhone, then continue reading this post.

Here, we will explore the three alternative ways(that might not be as effective as Yeespy) to access someone’s location.

3.1 Use Find My iPhone

The Find My iPhone feature is available across all iOS devices, letting people know the device’s location in case it gets lost or stolen.

Similarly, you can use it to track a family iPhone with ease.

Here are the steps:

  1. Tap “Settings” on the target iPhone and access the “Privacy” menu.
  2. Now, select “Location Services” and choose “Share My Location”.
  3. Tap your name from the list and press the “Share My Location” button again.
  4. That’s it. Now, you can open the Find My App on your iOS device to track the other iPhone’s whereabouts.

Track iPhone location via Find My


  • Supported by Apple
  • Reliable


  • Dependent on a strong network connection
  • Requirement for manually enabling it on the target phone

You are required to physically access the iPhone to complete this solution. Whereas there is no such requirement with Yeespy. Plus, the other user can always disable this feature at their will, which is not the case when tracking the device using Yeespy.

3.2 Use Find My Friends

Your family and friends can add you to their Find My Friends account to share their location.

The steps are as follows:

  1. From the target iPhone, open the Find My Friends app.
  2. Tap the Add button and select your name from the list.
  3. Now, access the Find My Friends app on your phone, and check their location.

Track iPhone location via Find My Friends


  • Easy to manage
  • Powered by Apple


  • Can be disabled at anytime

This solution isn’t reliable at all. You might have to ask the other user’s permission for location sharing. Additionally, accessing their iOS device yourself is a bit risky.

3.3 Use Google Timeline

If your kid, friend, or partner owns a Google Account, you can use those credentials to view their location history on Google Maps using the Timeline feature.

Check out the steps below:

  1. On your iOS device, open Google Maps and sign in using the other person’s Google Account.
  2. Tap the profile picture, and select the Your Timeline option.
  3. The details will be available there.

Track iPhone location via Google Timeline


  • Accurate information
  • Free


  • Not all iPhone owners use Google Maps

There is a high chance that the other person isn’t on Google Maps. So, if you wish to eliminate such a dependency, Yeespy is a better option.

Part 4: FAQs about Tracking an iPhone

This section will explore the “how to track iPhone” topic deeply. Continue reading!

4.1 Can you track someone’s iPhone legally?

It depends on the laws in your country and the person’s consent. It is generally legal to track someone’s iPhone if they have given you permission to do so.

4.2 Is it possible to track my iPhone even if it is turned off?

No, it is not possible to track an iPhone if it is turned off or out of battery.

4.3 How to protect my information if my iPhone is lost?

You can erase the data on your iPhone remotely using the ‘Find My’ app or contact your mobile carrier to report it lost or stolen.

4.4 How do I tell if someone is tracking my iPhone?

You can check the location services and the list of apps that can access your location. Also, check the list of devices signed in to iCloud and find my iPhone.

4.5 How can I track someone’s iPhone without them knowing?

Simply enable Yeespy on their iPhone without touching it, and see where they are in real-time using a remote dashboard.


Now you know all the possible means required to learn how to track an iPhone location.

The official solutions are useful but depend on several factors, including a strong internet and other users’ reliance on specific apps like Google Maps.

So, if you wish to gain uninterrupted information on your child or romantic partner’s whereabouts, Yeespy is your best shot!

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