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Using spying apps has become a new norm for today's generation. Many reliable tools like Spyier can keep track of any smartphone activity without giving it away.

While smartphones aim to bring ease and convenience, some people misuse them, resulting in total chaos.

Not only are mobile-based crimes common these days, but people also get involved in infidelity or fooling their loved ones.

Check out this Spyier app review to learn about its features and characteristics.

Spyier app review

Part 1: What is Spyier?

Spyier falls in the top-tier category of smartphone monitoring apps.

It works effectively on iPhone and Android devices with a customizable dashboard and every necessary feature needed in a spying app.

The app is known to give many successful experiences to its customers, used by more than a million people around the globe.

It is dedicated explicitly to employers, parents, and people in relationships to keep an eye on their loved one's physical and virtual activities.

Part 2: How Does Spyier Work?

Spyier is significant for people concerned for their loved ones and who want to be informed about their location and activities.

Be it parents who want to make sure their child isn't sneaking around to some sketchy area or employers who want to track their employee's phone usage during work hours.

It is a simple but robust tool with an intuitive interface.

The best thing about the Spyier app is that you can track the phone even when it's switched off or without a cellular network since it doesn't rely on GPS for tracking.

Part 3: The Key Features of Spyier

Although Spyier has many different features, some of its highlighted characteristics are listed as follows:

  • Call Tracking
  • With Spyier, you can track calls on the targeted phone, letting you see who called and when. You can even review the call logs, checking the received, dialed, missed, or blocked calls. It also gives you a detailed report of their frequent callers

  • Text Message Monitoring
  • Spyier can let you examine every conversation, including media files sent or received.

  • Location Tracker
  • Keep a close look at wherever your target is going with the Spyier location tracker. It even gives you a 3D map view, letting you know all about the places they have visited and where they currently are.

  • Geofencing Alerts
  • Geofencing features allow you to set a restrictive area or inbound location for your targeted user so that you can be notified whenever they try to enter within the range of that particular location.

  • View SIM Card Location
  • You can check every SIM card information from the targeted phone, including IMEI and device carrier number. You'll also know if they switch to some other SIM.

Features of Spyier

Part 4: The Compatibility of Spyier

As you know that Spyier is available for both Android as well as iOS users, and its compatibility makes it stand out.

Unlike many spying tools, you won't need any root or jailbreak to use this app on your device. It even lets you track the targeted device from an online browser.

For iOS devices, Spyier doesn't require you to download the app to work anonymously.

Part 5: How Much Does Spyier Cost?

These are the pricing plans offered by Spyier:

For Android Devices

Basic Premium Family
1 month $39.99 $49.99 $69.99
3 months $59.99 $69.99 $99.99
12 months $99.99 $119.99 $199.99

For iOS devices

  Family Premium Business
1 month $99.99 $49.99 $399.99
3 months $199.99 $79.99 $699.99
12 months $399.99 $129.99 $999.99

 Regarding pricing, every plan is meant for users with different requirements and budgets.

The Android pricing plan is quite affordable, while iOS plans are meant for a large group of people to acquire. Spyier also offers a trial version with every plan.

Part 6: How to Use Spyier?

There is no hard and fast rule when using a Spyier app to monitor smartphone activity.

Here are some steps to follow to use the app efficiently:



  • Spyier paid subscription
  • Targeted device for at least 5 minutes

Step 1: Choose a Plan

Go to Spyier website and pay for the plan of your choice after signing up.

Step 2: Install the App

Install Spyier on your targeted device and make sure to access all the permission requests.

Step 3: Monitor

Navigate the targeted phone via any browser.

Android Dashboard



  • Targeted phone's iCloud credentials
  • Spyier paid account

Step 1: Install

Tap on the Start Monitoring email you may have received after purchasing Spyier, redirecting you to enter the Control Panel and start remote Installation.

Step 2: Enter Info

Enter all the necessary information on the setup wizard's first page, including the targeted user name and OS version.

To proceed, you have to enter your iCloud credential and hit verify. Make sure to enable iCloud backup on targeted iPhones and disable Two-Factor Authentication.

Step 3: Monitor

Click Start to track the iOS device via remote dashboard.

iOS Dashboard

Part 7: What Do Customers Say About Spyier?

Most spyier app reviews by customers are mixed regarding user experience for the app.

Some prefer Spyier over other apps due to its easy installation steps, while others prioritize it because of its advantage of tracking phones without being turned on.

Spyier is also known among the users for its customer support which was always prompt and helpful.

Another beneficial aspect is that the targeted user can't easily detect the app due to its low storage capacity.

Overall rating on TrustPilot is 2.7 with 11 reviews.

Part 8: The Pros and Cons of Spyier

Is Spyier legit?

Like every app, Spyier also has some highlights and drawbacks, which are mentioned below:


  • Web-based Interface: Spyier doesn't restrict you to a certain device for tracking your targeted device. You can do it from anywhere, anytime, with a web browser.
  • Doesn't Save Information: Although Spyier asks for a number of details for you to make an account, it doesn't use or save any personal information on its servers.
  • No Jailbreak or Root: For installing and using Spyier easily, you don't need to jailbreak or root your device
  • Customizable Interface: Spyier allows you to transform the dashboard and other parts of the interface as per your choice


  • Inefficiency: Spyier lacks efficiency when it comes to real-time monitoring or location tracking where you need accurate information.

Part 9: The Best Alternative for Spyier – Yeespy Phone Monitoring App

Since Spyier has limited features and a high pricing plan for iOS devices, not everyone wants to use its services.

Besides, if you're searching for a more compact app with a wide range of features as an alternative, Yeespy can be your ideal choice.

It is an all-in-one smartphone monitoring tool that can operate effectively on Android and iOS devices.

9.1 Key Features of Yeespy Phone Monitoring App

Some of the key features offered by Yeespy include:

  • Call tracking: Monitor all incoming and outgoing calls on the targeted phone. You can even check the call duration, date, time, and other details about the calls.
  • Text monitoring: Another feature is message monitoring, where you can read the entire conversation. Moreover, you can track the deleted message without any restrictions
  • GPS tracking: Configure the location of your spouse and check whether they're lying to you.
  • Contact logs: Get complete contact information about any certain person from the targeted phone.
  • Changing Settings: The app also lets you change the settings of your spouse's device or even change passwords without letting them know.

9.2 How to Monitor Phones and Tablets?

Yeespy is quite simple to install on the target device. Check out the installation guide below:

Monitor Android Phones and Tablets

Sign Up Free View Demo

Step 1: Sign Up on Yeespy

Provide your email address to create a free account on Yeespy.

Step 2: Install the App

Set up the Android app for Yeespy on the device.

Step 3: Monitor the Android Device

Head over to the online control panel using your browser and navigate the features available.

Monitor iPhone/iPad

Sign Up Free View Demo

Step 1: Set Up Yeespy Account

Set up your account using an email address.

Step 2: Share the iCloud Account Credentials

Sync the target user’s iOS device with Yeespy by entering the iCloud credentials.

Step 3: Monitor The iPhone

Launch the online control panel to access any feature to track the iPhone.

9.3 Why Choose Yeespy as The Best Phone Monitoring App?

Yeespy serves various purposes, helping you track every smartphone-based activity.

Moreover, it provides a keylogging feature that saves specific keys entered to extract the passwords and pins.

It offers more than 40 types of monitoring while acquiring less storage.

Most people prefer Yeespy not only because of its endless functionalities but its budget-friendly subscription and the assurance of being anonymous.

Sign Up Free View Demo

Part 10: Spyier VS Yeespy

This comparison will help you decide which of these two apps is better suited to you:

The Common

With the help of Spyier and Yeespy, you can easily stay updated with every activity of any targeted phone.

  • Yeespy and Spyier allow you to track down the app without being detected.
  • These apps also provide GPS and a location tracker to help you get to the phone easily.
  • With both tracking apps, you can monitor different social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

The Difference

  • Spyier doesn't let you access the photos that are deleted by the targeted user; instead, Yeespy offers a separate gallery for deleted photos
  • Unlike Spyier, Yeespy allows you to track down past conversations, especially when it comes to text messages going back more than a year.
  • Yeespy also lets you monitor email on the targeted device, and those sync with contact information which isn't allowed by Spyier.

Sign Up Free View Demo

Part 11: FAQs about Spyier

This section will further explain Spyier’s legitimacy and performance:

11.1 Is Spyier Legit?

Yes, Spyier is a completely legit tracking software that is user-verified and trustworthy.

Used by more than a million people, it is also free from any viruses or unnecessary ads. It enforces a strict privacy policy that restricts apps from saving personal information.

11.2 Is Spyier Detectable?


Detecting Spyier on the targeted device is difficult as it is completely discreet and free from risks. It doesn't take up much storage or drain your battery which could raise suspicion.


Well, that's about it on our Spyier app review!

Now that you know what the app offers, you can decide whether or not to choose its services.

From pricing to compatibility and features, we have given you a clear perspective on the overall outlook of the app.

If you're still confused about Spyier, then you can try out other monitoring tools like Yeespy that are tried and tested by many users for its efficiency and accuracy.

It has a vast range of features, including stealth mode, that makes it prominent in the market.

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