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By finding another person’s IP address, you can quickly learn about their location and other personal information.

So, how to get someone’s IP?

We’ll discuss what methods can be used and whether it is possible to access someone’s location details with the IP.

All will be covered here.

Read on!

Find someone’s IP

Part 1: Is Getting Someone Else’s IP Illegal?

Obtaining someone else’s IP address without their knowledge or consent is illegal in most jurisdictions.

Moreover, it is considered a form of hacking and can lead to serious consequences, including fines and even imprisonment. It’s important to use any information you may have responsibly and ethically.

Besides, it’s worth mentioning that in some very specific and legally authorized cases, IP addresses can be obtained through legal measures by legal authorities. The idea is to avoid going beyond the legal limits and use it responsibly.

Moreover, parents have the right to use means to keep their children safe. So, they can also track location using IP.

Part 2: 3 Ways How to Find Someone’s IP Address

Now, we will explore how to pull someone’s IP.

3 most-used techniques are explained here:

2.1 Use an IP Lookup Tool

An IP lookup tool is a website or service that allows you to enter a domain name or IP address and returns information about the IP address, such as the location and the ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Some popular IP lookup tools include Whois, IP-Details, and Remember that while these tools can provide valuable information, they should only be used for legal and legitimate purposes.

2.2 Check The Email’s Full Header

An email’s full header contains a wealth of information, including the sender’s IP address. To view the full title of an email, you’ll need to open the email and look for the option to view the message source.

Depending on your email client, this option may be found under “View” or “File” in the top menu. The IP address will be located in the “Received” field of the header.

2.3 Open a Command Prompt

If you have access to a computer connected to the same network as the device in question, you can use a command prompt to find the device’s IP address.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Launch the Command Prompt on your computer and enter the command “ping [hostname]” (without the quotes), where [hostname] is the domain name or IP address of the device you are trying to locate.
  2. The IP address will be displayed in the response.

Get IP with Command Prompt

2.4 Get Someone’s IP from Instagram

There are specific tools called IP grabbers that can instantly track location with the help of a particular link.

You only need to copy the profile link of the target user’s Insta account and paste the address on an IP logger. A specific link will be generated there.

Next, copy the tracking code, and share it with the target user.

Once they open it, their location will be accessible to you!

Use Instagram to track IP

Part 3: Tips on How to Get Someone’s Location without IP

Getting someone’s IP address to track their location seems a bit complicated and time-consuming. Most of the time, it is simply not worth the effort.

So, how to avoid finding someone’s IP address and still learn about their whereabouts in real-time?

Well, the solution is only Yeespy!

It is an intuitive spy app that works silently on the target device to share its location and other useful information on a remote dashboard, which is accessible on any phone or PC.

So, regardless if the other person is using an iPhone or Android, Yeespy can easily monitor them without getting detected.

Key Features of Yeespy Location Tracking App

With Yeespy:

  • You can check the map view of other person’s location
  • Their address
  • The time they visited the place
  • Longitude and latitude

How to Get Someone’s Location without IP?

Simply apply the following installation guide and enable Yeespy on the target device:

Get iPhone Location Without IP

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Step 1: Create an Account

Set up your account on the Yeespy website by providing a valid email address.

Step 2: Enter iCloud Account Details

Afterward, enter the iCloud account info to verify the iOS device.

Step 3: Track the iPhone/iPad

Go to the control panel and tap GPS Locations. There, check the required data.

Get Android Location Without IP

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Step 1: Create Your Account

Make a new account for free on Yeespy by just entering your valid email address.

Step 2: Set Up the App

Apply the stated guidelines to enable the Yeespy app on the target device.

Step 3: Check the Android Phone Location

To end, access the online dashboard, click on GPS Locations and view the required information anonymously.

What Else Can Yeespy Do?

With Yeespy, you can

  • Check someone’s browsing history
  • Block apps or URLs
  • Review SMS and call history
  • Block WiFi
  • Track Social Media Chats

Why Choose Yeespy as The Best Location Tracking App?

Here are the reasons why this app is the best in the business:

  • Excellent customer support
  • Easy to use
  • No root/jailbreak needed
  • The installation process is fast
  • Stealth mode makes it undetectable
  • Compatible with all devices

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Part 4: FAQs about IP

Need more details on the topic of “how to grab IP?”

This FAQ section will help you out.

4.1 How do hackers obtain IP addresses?

Hackers can obtain IP addresses through a variety of means, such as by using a phishing email, a malware-infected link, or a vulnerability in a computer or network.

4.2 Can you get someone’s private IP?

It is not possible to obtain someone’s private IP without their consent or without hacking into their network. However, by following the methods above, you can track the other user’s IP and learn about their location.

4.3 Is Pulling the IP a crime?

Yes, pulling IP addresses without consent or for illegal activities is a crime in many countries and can be punishable under cybercrime laws.

4.4 What is an IP grabber?

An IP grabber is a software or website tool that is designed to obtain the IP address of a device or a website visitor.

4.5 How does IP hijacking work?

IP hijacking is a malicious activity where an attacker takes control of a device’s IP address and uses it to conduct illegal activities such as spamming, phishing, and other cyberattacks.

4.6 Can someone grab your IP with a VPN?

If you are using a VPN service, the IP address that other people would see would be the IP address of the VPN server rather than your device’s IP address. This makes it difficult for others to track your device’s IP.


This concludes our article on how to get someone’s IP.

It is vital to remember that accessing someone’s private data, such as IP, without consent is illegal. However, under some circumstances, it becomes necessary.

Still, it is a complicated process and lengthy for non-technical users.

To legally track someone’s location, Yeespy is a handy choice. So try it now!

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