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Are you curious whether your crush, friend or family member is using Facebook Dating? If so, you’re not alone.

With over 1.5 billion users on Facebook, it’s no surprise that many people are turning to the platform to find love and connection.

But how to tell if someone is on Facebook Dating?

In this article, we’ll provide tips and tricks for finding out if someone is using Facebook’s dating feature.

Whether you want to satisfy your curiosity or find out if your partner is cheating on you, we’ve got you covered. So read on to learn more!

How to tell if someone is on Facebook Dating

Part 1: Can You See If Someone is Using Facebook Dating?

Yes, it is possible to see if someone is using Facebook Dating.

However, the feature is not visible on the user’s main profile page, and the user’s dating activity will not appear in the News Feed.

To check if someone is using Facebook Dating, search for them in the Dating section of the Facebook app or website, ask them directly, or use specialized tools(spy app).

Part 2: What Is The Facebook Dating Symbol’s Meaning?

Facebook dating symbol

The Facebook Dating symbol is a small, white heart icon with a blue outline next to the user’s name on their profile page.

It indicates that the user has enabled the Facebook Dating feature and is open to being matched with other users on the platform.

The heart symbol represents love and connection, and its presence on a user’s profile shows they are interested in finding a romantic partner through Facebook Dating.

If you see the Facebook Dating symbol on someone’s profile, they are open to being matched with other users who have also enabled the feature.

Part 3: How to Tell If Someone Is on Facebook Dating?

So, how to see if someone is on Facebook Dating or not to end your suspicion?

We have tips for you here.

Continue reading!

3.1 Spy on Their Phone

What if you suspect your spouse or partner cheating on you through Facebook Dating?

It could backfire if you ask them directly. So, what is the best approach to gather proof against this suspicion?

Well, we recommend the Yeespy phone tracker, which lets you access all Facebook-related activities remotely.

Once you have ample evidence of infidelity, you can confront them. Moreover, if there is nothing substantial, you can easily sweep your doubt under the rug.

This app works smoothly on all iOS and Android devices. Plus, it is incredibly simple to install.

Key Features of Yeespy Facebook Spy App

Wondering what features Yeespy offers to sufficiently track Facebook Dating activities?

Check the following list:

  • Access to Facebook Dating Notifications
  • View DMs
  • Track Contact Details, such as numbers and email addresses
  • View Facebook photos

How to Find out If Someone is on Facebook Dating

Here’s how you can tell if someone is on Facebook Dating:

View Someone’s Facebook Dating Information for iPhone

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Step 1: Create Yeespy Profile

Enter your email ID to set up an account for free.

Step 2: Verify the iCloud Account

To access the Facebook Dating notifications of an iPhone or iPad user, you will need to enter their iCloud credentials into Yeespy. This will allow Yeespy to verify and connect to their device.

Step 3: View Facebook Dating Notifications Secretly

Once you’ve logged into Yeespy and verified an iCloud account, you can access the dashboard and navigate to the “Social Apps” section. You can select “Facebook” from there to learn the required information.

View Someone’s Facebook Dating Information for Android

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Step 1: Sign up for a Yeespy account

To get started, go to the Yeespy website and enter your email address to create a free account.

Step 2: Install the Yeespy app

Next, download the app onto your device. Just follow the onscreen instructions!

Step 3: View Facebook Dating notifications

After you’ve installed the Yeespy app, navigate to the control panel.

From there, go to the “Social Apps” section and click on the “Facebook” option. This will bring up a list of all your Facebook notifications, including any related to Facebook Dating. You can then view and manage these notifications as needed.

What Else Can Yeespy Do?

Yeespy is a spy app that allows you to track the location and activity of a target phone user. With it, you can get geo-fencing alerts and the browser history of the device, as well as access the call history, contact list, messages, and emails.

Additionally, Yeespy lets you monitor social media app usage on the target device. Plus, everything is accessible without the requirement for jailbreak or root.

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3.2 Check Their Facebook Notifications

Another quick way to understand how to find someone on Facebook Dating is simply accessing the user’s device or logging into their Facebook account to view specific notifications.

Facebook Dating notifications are simple to identify; this way, you’ll know for sure if the other user is searching for a date.

However, there is one big drawback to this approach. The other user could easily catch you in the act. Moreover, they could use a separate account to fulfill the dating purpose.

3.3 Create Your Own Facebook Dating Account

If going through the Facebook notification doesn’t help, you can create your fake Facebook Dating profile. Try swiping left or right for potential accounts, and if the target user indeed has an account on the platform, you’ll eventually find them.

However, create a real profile on Facebook Dating. The user could also come across it, leading them to think you are also looking for potential matches.

3.4 Talk to Them Directly

This seems relatively simple!

You can ask the person directly if they have been looking for a romantic relationship via Facebook Dating!

Ask them directly

Part 4: Other Things You May Want to Know About Facebook Dating

If you don’t know much about Facebook Dating and its functions, check out this section. We have listed handy tips related to this platform.

4.1 What does Facebook Dating look like?

Facebook Dating is a separate section within the Facebook app or website where users can create a dating profile and browse other users who are also looking for romantic connections.

It features a swiping interface similar to other dating apps, and users can message each other through a separate inbox within the Dating feature.

4.2 How to turn on Facebook Dating notifications?

To turn on Facebook Dating notifications, you can go to the Settings menu within the Dating feature and select “Notifications”.

From there, you can choose which types of messages you would like to receive and how.

4.3 Can you search for someone on Facebook dating?

Yes, you can search for someone on Facebook Dating by going to the Dating section of the app or website and using the search bar to enter their name or other identifying information. A search filter option is also available.

4.4 How to find someone’s Facebook Dating profile?

To find someone’s Facebook Dating profile, you can try searching for them within the Dating section using their name or other identifying information. If their profile is set to public, it should appear in your search results.

4.5 If you are on Facebook Dating, does it show you are active on Messenger?

No, being active on Facebook Dating does not affect your activity status on Messenger. Your activity status on Messenger is determined by your activity on the Messenger app or website and is not related to your use of the Dating feature.

4.6 What does the purple dot on Facebook Dating mean?

The purple dot on Facebook Dating is a notification indicator that appears next to a user’s name when they have a new message or activity within the Dating feature.


In conclusion, there are a few different ways how to tell if someone is on Facebook Dating.

One option is to search for them within the Dating section of the app or website, using their name or other identifying information. Another option is to ask them directly if they are using the feature.

However, the best option is through Yeespy, which enables you to get the intended info quickly and privately.

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