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Being cheated on can be a horrible experience. Although to some people, it might come as a surprise, a cheating partner will always leave behind clues that will give away their unfaithfulness.

One such clue is a secret dating app icon, and it’s tough to find unless you know what you are looking for.

So this is what this guide is exactly about, helping you find and identify icons that your significant other can possibly use for cheating.

Secret dating app icons

Part 1: 3 Common Types of Secret Dating App Icons

Several different types of apps can represent a secret dating app icon.

However, here are the three most common types of secret apps:

1.1 Private Dating Apps

Apps that are primarily meant for dating yet also can remain undercover come under this category. If you spot this app on your spouse’s phone, they are definitely planning to meet someone.

Top 5 Android Secret Dating App Icon

Following are the free dating apps for Android

  • Hook Me Up
  • Yumy
  • Secret - Adult Acquaintances
  • Skout
  • Blendr

Top 5 iPhone Dating Apps

These are the notable iPhone dating apps:

  • Tinder
  • Happn
  • Hinge
  • OkCupid
  • DateMe

1.2 Secret Dating Apps That Look Like Games

See if your partner has installed the following discreet dating apps on the device:

  1. Calculator Pro+
  2. A clever trick masks this app as a completely functional calculator. Only when the proper credentials are entered the app reveals its true nature, a secret dating app.

    Calculator Pro Plus dating app

  3. Silence
  4. A messaging app with end-to-end encryption, silence hides all messages from prying eyes and is both free and open-source.

    Silence dating app

  5. Smiley
  6. An app only available on the iOS App store, Smiley is a subscription-based private messaging app, which means the user will need to pay a monthly fee to keep using the app.

    Smiley secret dating app

  7. Hide my text
  8. Be cautious of this messaging app, as its secret dating app icon might fool you at first glance. It also has an encryption feature to keep all messages encrypted with a special key.

    Hide My Text dating app

  9. Wickr Me
  10. Another app with a misleading icon, Wickr Me, offers messaging services with a special feature. Messages can self-destruct, meaning even if you get hold of your spouse’s phone, this secret dating app will prevent you from reading anything.

    Wickr Me dating app

1.3 Anonymous Dating Sites

The secret hook up apps are as follows:

  1. eHarmony
  2. A dating site that has some of its features locked behind a paywall. It matches people based on its “29 dimensions” and interests.

    eHarmony dating app

  3. Bumble
  4. Made for women looking to date and prompts the women to text first. There is also a timer, meaning women must send their initial message before it ends.

    Bumble dating app

  5. Hinge
  6. Starting as a standard connections site, Hinge now works full-time as a dating app that portrays much personal information about a user online so that matches can be made.

    Hinge dating app

  7. OkCupid
  8. OkCupid makes the user answer a personality test and then uses that information to divide the list of people into positives and negatives. It’s also owned by the same parent company as Tinder.

    OkCupid secret dating app

  9. Happn
  10. A more dangerous app than the others as it focuses on dating people near your location. It shows all the people in close proximity that a user can date.

    Happn dating app

Part 2: 6 Ways How to Find Hidden Dating Profiles Free

Your spouse may have accounts on several secret dating sites without your knowledge. Here are five ways to root out these hidden dating profiles:

2.1 Search by Username

Most people use the same username throughout all the accounts they own. This makes it easy to spot them on other, more hidden websites.

If you know your partner’s username from a game or social media account, try searching for it on secret dating sites.

2.2 Search by Nickname or Full Name

Although secret dating apps are meant for users to keep dating while staying hidden, most cheaters make the mistake of using their full names even on these suspicious websites.

Try searching your partner’s name online and see the results.

2.3 Find Hidden Profiles Using Email Addresses

Almost all social media or dating sites require the user to sign up through an email address. Some cheaters make the mistake of using the exact same email address everywhere. Just ask your friend Google, and it might be able to root out an account or two with your target email.

2.4 Check Browser History

The browser history tracks every page visited by a person; most often than not, most people forget to delete this after a session.

This can be incredibly helpful when someone is tracking a cheater. Simply open up their browser history and check if there are any websites you can link to discreet dating.

Check browser history

2.5 Find Hidden Profiles Using a Phone Number

Another way to find hidden dating profiles free is to enter your spouse’s number in a search engine such as Google.

In the results, Google will most likely be able to link with other accounts where the same number might be used and display the results to you.

2.6 Check Social Media Accounts

Most dating sites offer users the option to include or link their social media accounts to their secret dating profiles.

So, you can simply visit your partner’s social media accounts and see whether any suspicious dating websites come up.

Go through their social media apps to see if there is a connection to specific dating sites.

Part 3: Why Do People Use Secret Dating Apps?

Whenever a cheater is afraid of being caught, they know the usual dating apps on their phone are bound to arouse suspicion. Their partner may suggest deleting those apps, and that will be the end of their unfaithful journey.

So instead of stopping cheating, they resort to secret dating sites to continue their deed. These sites are much harder to track as they are not typical and will require research if you want to identify these private apps.

However, remember that there are no good reasons why your significant other may have a secret dating app on their phone.

If they have one of the mentioned above on their phone, they are most likely cheating behind your back or looking for other people.

Part 4: Is Your Partner Secretly Cheating? How to Find out If He/She is Using Secret Dating Apps

While the above-mentioned method does work, they are hit-and-miss. They require a lot of tedious work and speculation from your side, and even then, you don’t have a guaranteed answer. Stop beating around the bush and use a spying app such as Yeespy.

Yeespy allows you to track your spouse’s every move, so you have all the evidence you need when confronting them about their infidelity.

Key Features of the Yeespy Spy App

Prominent attributes of Yeespy are listed below:

  • Spying on installed popular and social apps
  • Yeespy can share the type of third-party apps installed on the target phone. You can also access information exchanged, such as texts and media files, on all the social media apps used on the device, including Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and more.

  • Monitor text messages
  • You can monitor messages from your partner’s mobile network and social media applications. These messages will be logged with appropriate timestamps, and you can see the media exchanged in these apps.

  • Block URLs and App
  • If you find something appropriate, such as a URL from the browsing history or an adult-based app on your child’s phone, then use the online dashboard to block them instantly.

  • View Calls, Contacts, Email, Internet Activity & Keylogger
  • Yeespy enables you to look at your partner’s contacts, and the calls exchanged between them. You can also access emails, internet activity, and a dedicated keylogger to track each keystroke.

  • Track Phone Location and SIM Card Locations
  • Easily track your partner’s phone location through the dedicated built-in tracker.

  • Geofencing & Website, App, and WiFi Blocking
  • Geofencing allows you to specify ‘hot zones’ on the map, which, if your partner crosses, a notification will be sent to your phone. You can also block WiFi access and certain apps from the target phone.

  • No Need to Root/Jailbreak. Start Tracking in 5 Mins.
  • Installing the app requires no jailbreak or root and can be set up on the target phone in a couple of simple steps.

How to Tell Whether Your Partner is Using Secret Dating Apps?

Here is how you can enable Yeespy on your partner’s Android or iOS device.

Sign Up Free View Demo

Steps on How to Check Secret Dating Apps for Android

Step 1. Create a New Yeespy Account

Set up a new Yeespy account with a valid email address.

Step 2. Install the App

Follow the instructions to install the app on the target Android device.

Step 3. Check the Secret Dating Apps

Open the control panel, go to the Installed Apps section to see if the secret apps are installed or not.

How to Check Secret Dating Apps for iPhone

Step 1. Make a Yeespy account

Sign up for free on this app using a valid email address.

Step 2. Enter the iCloud Credentials

Share your partner’s iCloud account info(Apple ID/Password ) to unlock the iOS device.

Step 3. See the Dating Apps

Access the dashboard, and click on the Installed App. There, you can check the list and spot the secret apps.

What Else Can Yeespy Do?

Apart from the features mentioned above, you can also track the target phone’s gallery, calendar updates, browser history and much more.

Yeespy also offers the option to screen-record the target phone, leaving no room for suspicion.

Sign Up Free View Demo

Part 5: FAQs about Secret Apps

Follow this section to know more whether your partner is secretly dating or not!

5.1 What is the most discreet dating app?

There is no single discreet dating app that I would prioritize over another. All of such platforms are dangerous, and if you find any single one on your partner’s phone, it means trouble for your relationship.

5.2 Can dating apps be hidden?

Dating apps can definitely be hidden behind gimmicks that are hard to spot for the average user. One particular example is the Calculator Pro app which masks itself as a functional calculator but is a secret dating app underneath.

5.3 How can I tell if my boyfriend is on dating apps?

Looking up your boyfriend’s name, email address, phone number, or username on a search engine might bring up some results you can use to find hidden profiles. If that doesn’t work, you can always use an app like Yeespy to confirm your suspicions.


As soon as you find out your significant other is cheating on you through the secret dating app icon, don’t rush to make decisions and think about the situation carefully.

First, make sure that your suspicions are not baseless. Once you have confirmed them, confront your partner about their infidelity.

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