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Ever since its release in 2009, WhatsApp has taken over the world, serving as a great way to stay in contact with your loved ones.

With several features added over time, WhatsApp has become an important tool in our personal and business life. However, it has also given rise to a serious problem in our society, WhatsApp sexting.

WhatsApp sexting is becoming a common practice among our younger generation.

Considering WhatsApp’s disappearing messages feature, teens have considered it a safe enough platform to share their explicit messages.

WhatsApp sexting

Part 1: What is WhatsApp Sexting?

These are just messages on WhatsApp for sex shared with another person through the popular messaging platform.

Moreover, WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption, which might be why teens feel no danger sharing private messages and images over the internet.

Also, regardless of how safe the messaging platform is, sharing such images will always be problematic for your child. They can have severe short and long-term implications on their life, discussed in the section below.

Part 2: Dangers of WhatsApp Sexting?

Dangers of WhatsApp Sexting

Although to some, it may seem just a natural part of growing up, here are some of the ways WhatsApp sext activities can harm your child:

1. Risk of Blackmailing

Sending a sexual photo online is never a good idea, as your child may be unable to judge the nature of the person on the other side. They might use the explicit photo for blackmail and make even more requests.

Most teenagers in these cases often comply, as they don’t want their parents to find out, giving in to the blackmailer’s requests.

2. Reputation Issues

Teenagers often miscalculate the risk of sending their personal sexual photos online. These images can significantly harm their reputation and self-esteem should they fall into the hands of the wrong person.

3. Exposed Your Teen to Everyone

The problem with WhatsApp sexting is that once the image has been sent over the internet, there’s no telling how many people have seen and shared that image. This leaves your teen vulnerable and exposed to predators.

4. Legal Consequences

Sending or receiving sexual messages can also take your child to jail. They might face serious legal consequences both from their college and the laws of your country.

Even people of consenting age can have problems with their educational institutions when sexual or nude images of those individuals are shared online.

Part 3: Why are Teens Sexting on WhatsApp?

Sex is a new experience for teens and quite often a part of their life that they are eager to explore. The mysterious element of sex adds up to this excitement.

Here are some of the reasons why teens engage in WhatsApp sexting.

  • Improper sex education:
  • Talking about sex is often considered taboo, so most teenagers don’t get proper sex education. This often leads to them trying to find out about it on their own, and this route can be dangerous.

    They might try to engage in sexual acts with another person, and if that’s not an option, they will resort to WhatsApp sexting.

  • Fitting in with the Crowd:
  • People in the modern world are trying to normalize sexual acts as much as possible. Teenagers also participate in this, and sharing their nude photos online can earn them a short burst of attention and affection from inappropriate people.

    Similarly, since sexting is considered ‘cool’ among teenagers, others will follow just for some silly popularity.

  • Excitement:
  • Teenagers know that sexting is wrong, but the rush that comes with it keeps them going.

    However, in this excitement, they often forget all the dangers of WhatsApp hookup texts, not realizing it until it’s too late.

Part 4: Teen Sexting Codes on WhatsApp That Parents Should Know

To keep their messages safe from their guardians’ eyes, most teenagers will speak in cryptic codes, so the true intent of their messages remains hidden.

Secret text codes

Some of these codes are harmless, while others might be used to exploit your child. So as a parent, you should know these codes if your child uses them in conversation.

  • IPN: I am Posting Naked
  • ASL: Age/Sex/Location
  • LH6: Let’s Have Sex
  • IWSN: I want sex now
  • P911: Parent alert
  • POS: Parents over shoulder
  • WYCM: Will you call me?
  • HAK: Hugs and kisses
  • WTTP: Want To Trade Pictures?
  • PAL: Parents Are Listening
  • NIFOC: Nude in front of a computer
  • WTF: What The F***
  • F2F or FTF: Face to face
  • KOTL: Kiss On The Lips
  • ILY / ILU: I love you

Part 5: 3 Ways to Protect Teens from WhatsApp Sexting?

There are generally three methods to prevent WhatsApp sex messages. Here, we will explore the following:

5.1 Use a WhatsApp Monitor App to Protect Teens

Since WhatsApp is so integrated into our daily lives, sexting on WhatsApp is hard to stop. Besides, you can never know if your child has been sexting without going through their phone.

However, asking for their phone access after every few days will annoy them; instead, you should use a WhatsApp Monitor App such as Yeespy.

Yeespy gives you full control over your child’s phone, from their social media messages to their call logs; all that information is at your fingertips. This helps to stop your teenage children before the damage is done.

Key Features of Yeespy WhatsApp Monitor App

Here are some of the key features that make Yeespy stand out as a WhatsApp Monitor App:

  • Access to all types of WhatsApp messages, personal chats and groups.
  • All documents, images, videos and other media formats from the chats are accessible to you through the app
  • A dedicated keylogger helps you identify the exact words typed on your child’s phone.
  • Monitor calls and even the current location of your child’s device
  • Does not require your child’s phone to be either jailbroken or rooted

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How to Monitor WhatsApp Activities?

Apply the steps to install Yeespy on the Android device or iPhone:

Read WhatsAppTexts with Yeespy for Android

Step 1. Make Your New Yeespy Account

Sign up for free with Yeespy via an email address.

Step 2. Add the Android App

Set up the app on the Android device.

Step 3. Check the WhatsApp Conversation

Open the online control panel. Access the social apps section, and click on WhatsApp to view the texts and media files.

Check Sexting on WhatsApp with Yeespy for iPhone

Step 1. Make a Your Yeespy Account for Free

Enter a valid email ID to sign up on Yeespy.

Step 2. Enter the iCloud Credentials

Share the child’s iCloud account credentials to sync their iPhone.

Step 3. View the WhatsApp Texts Remotely

Launch the dashboard, and click on the Social App tab. Hit WhatsApp to view the conversations and media files instantly.

What Else Can Yeespy Do?

Apart from being a WhatsApp monitor app, Yeespy has other functions that keep you in complete control of your child’s device.

You can track messages from all popular social media websites, track events marked on a calendar, get alerts on specific keywords, see the WiFi networks the target device has connected to, browser history, and so much more.

5.2 Have a Conversation with Your Teen about Healthy Sexuality

Have a talk with your kid

Apart from monitoring your child’s device, you can also have a pleasant mature conversation with your teenage child about sexual education, what is right and what is wrong, and how to protect themselves when the need arises.

Make them understand the dangers of WhatsApp sexting and why this ‘fun’ activity could scar them for life. When your teenage children know and understand these dangers, you can work together to solve this problem.

When you are more open about these topics, your children will also not keep secrets. They will come to you if they make a mistake, which is crucial as it stops predators from exploiting your young ones.

5.3 Delete Inappropriate Messages and Photos

If you and your child have agreed that WhatsApp sexting is wrong, ask them to delete all explicit photos, messages and other media that can be used against them.

When children have been sexting for a long time, they will have photos and videos stored in places they don’t remember.

As for them, do a complete search of their devices and cloud storage so their mistakes don’t haunt them later in life.

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Finding out your child is doing WhatsApp sexting will be stressful for any parent.

However, when you do find out, do try to keep your calm and make sure to talk to them about this in an understanding manner.

If they feel disconnected because of your initial outburst, they will try to hide this behavior from you, which can lead to more significant problems.

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