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Why do people hack Facebook accounts? It may seem a bit unethical.

If you’re a parent worried about your child’s safety or a person worried about their spouse’s loyalty, you can use a Facebook hacking site to keep your peace of mind.

Using simple spy apps is an easy way to monitor Facebook messages and notifications without causing any harm to your relationship with your kids or partner.

Want to learn how to hack a Facebook account using URL online for free? Read on.

Facebook hack

Part 1: Can Your Facebook Account Be Hacked by Clicking a Link?

The internet is a strange and wonderful place. These days it is not hard to get hacked. Simply clicking on a link that seems harmless may lead to you getting hacked.

Merely clicking on a link can automatically download malware that can monitor your computer or phone without you knowing.

Spy apps and Facebook hacking sites also use this technique.

Part 2: How Does Hacking Facebook Account URL Online Work?

Now, you might wonder, how do people hack Facebook accounts online? It’s actually a straightforward process. There are a plethora of websites nowadays that offer a rather unconventional way to hack into someone’s Facebook account. All you need is a simple URL.

Sadly, this claim turns out to be a hoax. According to various sources, these websites take your details for you to log in, and once you’ve done so, they show you a simple message: the Facebook account failed to be hacked.

Websites like these are simply a ruse to get your details for different reasons. They are anything but authentic, so to answer your question, URL hacking does not work as it is advertised.

Using Facebook hack links doesn’t work the way you want it to. However, there are other ways you can achieve better results. But why might one need to go to such lengths to hack into a Facebook account?

Part 3: Reasons Why People Need to Hack Facebook Accounts

Feeling insecure can lead to an eventual downward spiral. We live in a time where the availability and accessibility of the internet can be just as much of a burden as a blessing.

Not knowing what your child may be doing on their tablet or wondering why your spouse is suddenly spending so much time on Facebook can concern most people. It’s not easy being a parent to teens or living in suspicion over your partner.

Reasons why people hack Facebook

Being a parent comes with all sorts of stresses. Between picks and drops, nutrition, and doctor’s visits, it’s easy to get swept away and find yourself lacking in other areas.

Having a spouse who frequently travels or is out of the house most of the day can also lead to some doubt. Especially if they come home and spend most of their time on their phone.

Reasons why someone may want to Hack a Facebook account may include

  1. Parental Control
  2. Peace of mind in a relationship
  3. Tracking movement
  4. Avoiding breaking trust with teens
  5. Avoiding unnecessary confrontations with a partner

These reasons may change based on the intensity of your situation, but most of the time, they remain the same for most people.

Hacking a Facebook account is in no way a passable offence.

Still, it can be excused when preserving a relationship or ensuring your children are safe from inappropriate content or predators.

Part 4: The Most Reliable Hacking Tool for Facebook

If you’re already stressed about our situation, it makes no sense to waste time using frustrating Facebook hacking sites. This is the right time to use reliable, trusted, and useful apps and tools to do the job with minimal effort.

Allow us to take away some of your stress by introducing Yeespy’s Facebook monitoring feature. If you’re worried your child is using social media at a ripe young age, this feature is perfect for keeping an eye on their activity while maintaining a certain level of trust.

It’s also great to keep an eye out on your spouse or employees or make sure your family is hanging around the right people. Yeespy is free to download and create an account on. It is also reasonably simple to use.

It has a simple login process that allows Android and iPhone users to avail themselves of the app’s full features. Once you’ve signed up, follow the steps to hack anyone’s Facebook account in no time.

Yeespy’s stealth mode allows you to track and monitor without being found out.

The features of this app make it one of the most reliable Facebook hacking apps.

Key Features of Yeespy Facebook Hacking App

Frequently, we find ourselves in a pickle, unable to find peace of mind. Yeespy lets you put your mind at ease without unnecessary confrontations or hurt feelings. Here is everything Yeespy has to offer:

  • Yeespy’s Facebook monitoring feature allows you to check messages, notifications, chat history, and messenger calls, as well as photos and real-time screenshots.
  • The simple user interface speeds up the installation, set-up, and hacking.
  • Your identity and presence are always hidden, thanks to the stealth mode. You are always incognito.
  • The app is pretty fast, meaning that it updates in real time so that you are never informed late about anything suspicious.
  • It’s safe to use. Unlike other websites that promise Facebook hacking but do not work, Yeespy provides the same service it promises without hiccups.

Still not convinced Yeespy is the most reliable hacking app on the internet?

Allow us to let you in on a little secret.

How to Hack Facebook Online for Free?

Wondering how people hack Facebook accounts using Yeespy? Check out the steps below:

How to Hack Facebook for Android

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Step 1. Create a New Yeespy Account

Make your Yeespy account using a valid email address.

Step 2. Install the App

Apply the on screen instruction on your account to set up the app on the Android device.

Step 3. Start Tracking the Facebook Account

Access the control panel, access the Social Networks tab and click the Facebook button. That’s it!

How to Hack Facebook for iPhone

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Step 1. Make a Yeespy account

Sign up for free on Yeespy via your email address.

Step 2. Verify the iCloud information

Enter the Facebook user’s iCloud account credentials to verify the iOS device.

Step 3. Hack the Facebook Account

Go to Yeespy’s online dashboard. Open the Social Networks section, and tap Facebook to view everything.

Why Choose Yeespy as The Best Hacking App?

Yeespy works to give you complete control over your child’s online presence, and it does so without invading their device.

Jailbreaking or rooting a phone can give you control over the entire processing system of the device; however, it isn’t safe and can end up causing malfunctions in the phone or tablet your child uses.

Not only does Yeespy offer Facebook monitoring, but it can help you track up to 42 other activities on the phone as well as track the location of the device itself.

Yeespy works in the background, much as any of your social media apps. You receive all notifications that your child would and can open them if something seems out of order.

In a world where danger lurks right around the corner, it is better to be safe than sorry. Use Yeespy to ensure your children are engaging in healthy social media interactions.

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Part 5: 4 Other Methods to Hack Facebook Account - Less Recommended

Check out the comparison of all the available techniques on Facebook hacking:

Method/Features Operability Cost Success Rate
Yeespy High Operability $8-$49 98%
Phishing Medium Operability $20-$800 70%
Keylogger Low Operability $24 50%
Resetting Password High Operability $0 40%
Professional Hacking High Operability >$200 80%

The table above shows all the other methods one can use to hack into a Facebook account.

Although these methods are popular, and you may be able to easily carry them out with some help, we do not recommend them and here’s why:

5.1 Using Phishing

Phishing is a simple concept. Firstly, create a fake website like Facebook and share its link with your intended victim.

Once they log into this fake website using their details, you will have access. You can then use this information to log in to their account and monitor their activity.

Facebook hack using phishing

However, there are a few pros and cons to this method.


  • People trust links more than they should. If shared over WhatsApp or email and made to look legitimate, they will likely trust it.
  • Rather than just monitoring, this method gives you full access to your victim’s account.


  • Phishing requires technical skills that not everyone may possess.
  • Phishing kits can cost anywhere from $20 to $800, depending on the quality of the ruse.
  • If someone happens to change their password for any reason, you lose access and have to carry out the entire process again.
  • Unlike Spy apps, users can see other devices logged into their Facebook accounts.

5.2 Keylogger

Keylogging is exactly what it sounds like. Using a hardware or software key logging mechanism, you can easily keep track of all the keys entered into your victim’s device. Easy right? Well, not quite.


  • Keylogging Software can be used if you do not have direct access to the device you need to track.
  • Fairly undetectable unless it causes unexpected malfunctions.


  • People rarely log in and out of their Facebook account on trusted devices; thus, this may not work how you need it to.
  • The keylogging software can easily be found on the device if the victim goes through their installed software.

5.3 Reset Facebook Password

Resetting a Facebook password is both legal and very simple. It can be done to recover your account or look at your child’s account.


  • Legal and completely safe to execute.
  • You can use a new email address and phone number to carry it out.
  • It costs absolutely nothing.


  • It may not work if you do not remember added information that Facebook may require.
  • If you are doing this for your child’s account, they may find out soon and reset the password.

5.4 Hire a Professional Hacker

This is probably the most fool-proof option out of the ones mentioned above. If you personally know someone who knows hacking, it can be simple.

You can also find someone online to carry this task out.

Professional Hacker


  • No need to have any technical know-how
  • Fast and Easy since hackers are professionals


  • This method can cost you a fortune.
  • Illegal and may cause dire consequences.
  • Law enforcement may be lurking and posing online and can catch you in the act.

Part 6: How to Protect Your Facebook Account?

Let’s say your Facebook has been hacked, or you feel there has been some suspicious activity on your page; you might need to take measures to rectify the damage.

  1. Reset your password
  2. Report this unfortunate event to Facebook
  3. Let others know you have been hacked, and delete things you may not have posted or sent
  4. Use anti-spyware to rid yourself of any other lurking eyes

Part 7: FAQs on Facebook

Follow this section for more tips on performing Facebook account hacking.

7.1 Do Facebook Hacking apps work?

Yes, apps trusted by users are usually safe to use and work just as promised.

7.2 Will I get hacked if I use Spy Apps?

Only use trusted apps with a high rating on the app stores. It also helps to research these apps on the internet and read user experiences before downloading.

7.3 Is my identity hidden if I use Yeespy or other similar apps?

Yes, these apps have a stealth mode, which makes them entirely safe for use, and you will remain incognito.

7.4 Can I monitor all activity on someone’s Facebook?

Yeespy allows you to monitor messages, calls, photos, screenshots and notifications on someone’s Facebook.


Now you know why do people hack Facebook accounts.

Hacking a facebook account using URL online for free can be made simple using technology. However, some methods may not be as effective as others.

Using spy apps like Yeespy can be an easy and cost-effective way to carry out spying without alerting the victim or getting into legal complications. We hope you use the information provided in this article wisely and responsibly. Happy spying.

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